Marilyn V.

Founder and Executive Director

Marilyn (she/her) is a Canadian-born daughter of the South Asian diaspora from Brampton. As a young intersectional woman of colour she is a community builder and anti-oppression educator and advocate with a lifelong commitment to learning. Marilyn serves as a Director, and Chair of the Equity Committee, of the national Board of Equal Voice Canada, and as a Director of the Board of Harmony Movement Canada. As a young Bramptonian Marilyn has been an active member of her community in different ways, but recently returned to work in the city after post-secondary studies. Having connected with other young people through a shared understanding of Brampton’s untapped potential, as well as the urgent need for equitable representation and building civic pride in Brampton, Marilyn is now working with peers and friends to organize and mobilize the Vision Brampton collective.

Paige F.

Co-Director, Advocacy and Outreach

Paige (she/her) grounds her academic work in exploration and analysis of issues of equity for historically marginalized communities – women, racialized peoples, people with disabilities, the LGBTQ+ community and all others dealing with societal barriers. She’s on a lifelong journey of learning and unlearning. She aims to develop a career that will allow her to utilize policy and other aspects of the political process to fight for the rights of the most vulnerable among us.

Sundeep H.

Co-Director, Advocacy and Outreach

Sundeep (she/her) is a community connector, activator, and a social justice activist with over 10 years of community engagement and outreach experience. Six of those years have been with William Osler Health System where she collaborates with clinical and community stakeholders in the region and abroad to work to remove barriers to health care access in marginalized populations. She volunteers with Seva Food Bank and Oxfam Canada, and is a writer, commentator, and a regular contributor for Brown Girl Magazine. A proud Bramptonian, and a champion for equity and inclusion, with an emphasis on women’s rights and poverty reduction, she knows that success can be achieved through education, collaboration, and civic engagement. She loves to read, travel and talk to anyone every chance she gets.

Amrita K.

Co-Director, Community Partnerships

Amrita (she/her) is a researcher, community builder, and social justice activist who works at the nexus of human rights and social inclusion in Canada and internationally. She was previously the Project Lead for the Diversity & Inclusion Charter of Peel Initiative at the Regional Diversity Roundtable. Amrita is a member of The Ward Museum's Programming Committee and Amnesty International Canada’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Steering Committee. She is also a contributing writer for Brown Girl Magazine. Raised in Brampton, Amrita is an advocate for diverse leadership, intersectional feminism and immigration equity, and believes in “thinking globally, acting locally”. Passionate about arts activism, she recently created her own solo show, ‘50 Shades of Brown Girl’, inspired by her experience growing up 'Brown' in Brampton.  

Gavin B.

Co-Director, Community Partnerships

Gavin B. (he/him, they/them) has always been deeply invested in healing justice and queer issues since he came into acceptance of his identities as a queer Guyanese human being. Gavin is dedicated to creating and supporting intersectional queer and arts-based health programming within the heavily underserved region of Peel. He performs in a band called St.X with other queer POC in the Region of Peel.

Nayha R.

Director, Communications

Nayha (she/her) wishes she could wake up in a world where a Amazon Prime was free, ice cream counted as a trusted source of calcium, and phone screens didn't crack. As someone with a communications background, she's used her skills to contribute to blogs about women's issues, volunteered with political campaigns, and was Vice President, External/Public Outreach, for the VAV group on her campus. When not ranting about politics, Nayha likes to show off her newly found cooking skills (thanks, Tasty!), and obsessively read fan fiction. She is passionate about getting young people excited about politics.

Abeera S.

Director, Policy and Research

Abeera (she/her) is a passionate health-focused equity advocate. As the Founder of Brampton’s Multicultural Youth Council and Former Director of Outreach for the Foundation for Student Science and Technology, she aims to make an impact. Her definition of an active citizen is one who contributes by matching their abilities to the needs of the local community. With diverse interests in areas such as healthcare, culture, technology and the environment, Abeera aspires to integrate many disciplines to address complex problems. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging, performing spoken word and hiking.

Policy and Research

Samira M.


Kevin M.


Kevin (he/him) has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Diploma in General Arts and Sciences from the University of Guelph-Humber/Humber College, a Research Analyst post-graduate diploma from Humber College Lakeshore and a Masters in Immigration and Settlement Studies from Ryerson University.  He will be completing a post-graduate certificate in Program Evaluation and Performance Management at the University of Fraser Valley in the Fall of 2018, and is currently a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society where he is completing training and working towards becoming a Credentialed Evaluator. Through this experience working in the region, Kevin has gained an understanding of the relationship between using research results to inform operations and program adjustments in support of different program areas across social services. From both his educational and professional experience in human and social services, Kevin understands the true symptoms and impacts of inequity related to poverty, housing, employment and social assistance, and is deeply committed to working for equity in a Brampton and the Peel region.

Shanzay B.

Policy Analyst

Shanzay (she/her) is an active member of the Revolutionary Student Movement dedicated to bringing passion for participating in politics back to the Brampton core. Economic, social, queer, disability, and racial dignity are musts for working-class Bramptonians, and she believes this can be better achieved through more civic engagement, grassroots organizing, and mobilization. “Each one teach one” is an important political tenet to her, as it is only through education and equitable representation that we can build a better Brampton that champions solidarity with oppressed peoples. In her free time, she can be found performing spoken word poetry, working on her novel, and studying Latin American history.


Vandan J.

Vandan (he/him) is passionate about empowering those enthusiastic about making a difference. Vandan enjoys reading non-fiction, writing creatively, and playing chess against those he is confident he can beat, and he’s always looking to learn new skills. Above all, he believes that Brampton’s time has come, and he is driven to show the rest of the world this, too.


Abhinav J.

(he/him) Born and raised in India, Abhinav moved to Canada during high school. He put down roots in Brampton immediately after. Abhinav hopes for a world free of discrimination and hatred. One of his core beliefs is that education is the solution for many of our societal problems, if not all. He has worked with the Newcomer Centre of Peel in the past in their Community Connections program that helps newcomer youth and families better adjust and transition into their local communities. Abhinav now works in the finance and innovation space.

Media Development

Ameel M.

Marketing and Technology

Ameel (he/him) is the Founder of Soul Goodness Consulting and md0651 Still and Motion Photography. When he is not out on a photography assignment or on a road trip (or both), Ameel can be found supporting GTA-based startups, small businesses, and non-profit organizations with their marketing, technology and design needs.  With a history of working in different sectors and industries,  including live event production, and computer technology.  Ameel is a dynamic storyteller, problem solver and idea generator. Using his skills and experience for social impact is something that continues to drive him.

Maariya L.


Having grown up in Brampton, Maariyah (she/her) has a lot of love for the talented and unique city. Being full of art and talent, various artists and entertainers call Brampton home and Maariyah believes more youth can be involved in celebrating the city. Involvement in events allows the atmosphere of the city to feel like a community and a home to all. In her free time, Maariyah likes to freelance and volunteer at food banks as well as with WUSC.

Hamza S.


Having spent most of his time with friends and family, Brampton is home for Hamza (he/him). He believes being a part of Vision Brampton would allow youth in and around Brampton to be a part of the city have pride for their home. Hamza attended F.E.S.T.I for fire and emergency services training. He enjoys volunteering at the the Mississauga Food Bank in his free time and is passionate about making vlogs for his YouTube channel. Hamza now attends Sheridan College for interior designing and works on various projects as a videographer.

Community Collective

Cat C.

Deepika J.

Debbie O.

Jennifer K.

Meghan B.

Mubina C.


Kitty B.

Aziza I.

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